Do you have more expenses for medicine

Do you have more expenses for medicine

Do you have more expenses for medicine

There are some families in which one member keeps falling ill. Do you have more expenses for medicine. The head of the family is troubled by the illnesses of the family members, thinking that the condition of Saturn or the path of Ketu is going on or there is a Vastu defect in our place of residence or our luck is bad.

Whereas the real situation is that we are not able to give such education to our family members since childhood, how to avoid getting sick because we ourselves have been deprived of that education? Now the time has come that we should find out the reasons for the disease and introduce them to ever family member.

Medical expenses per month. There are some major minor causes of repeated illness in the family. If these are overcome, then we can save ourselves and family from some common disease that surrounds the common man. What are these reasons that cause disease, you should also go and tell others.

12 Solid Evidences Why Do You Have More Expenses For Medicine Is Bad For Your Career Development.

(1). Do you have more expenses for medicine. Be sure to clean your hands with soap before eating food or snacks, otherwise the dirt accumulated in your hands can make you sick. You are better to use a spoon in your meal. These dirty hands are the leading cause of frequent diarrhea of ​​young children because at the age of tooth, the child repeatedly inserts dirty hands or dirty objects in the mouth and due to walking in the ground with hands, knees and hands. 

 Always keep germs, remove the illusion that the tooth comes out with diarrhea. Be more good, wash the hands of the child with soap for a short time and do not let the shoes outside come out of the place of play. 

(2). Do not allow dirt to accumulate in the nails, this dirt is home to germs which can make us sick by going to our stomach with food. Be sure to cut the nails with the rule every week. The main cause of recurrent typhoid is the presence of typhoid germs in the nails.

(3). If there is a lack of hygiene in hand carts, ice cream sold on the pavement, ice balls, gol gappas, bhel puri, water etc. So do not consume anything there, especially cold things like gulp water, unripe coriander leaves, etc. can bring you in diseases like typhoid, jaundice, diarrhea, amoebiasis.

(4). Avoid betel nut when eating betel nut, because betel nut damages both teeth and intestine and if the betel is repeatedly picked up betel nut from a heap of betel nut with sweet chutney, then the fly starts barking on that pile. The betel nut is visible from it. Wherever you eat betel, watch the betel be washed with clean water and adequate precautions have been taken to prevent fly, otherwise betel can also cause you diseases like typhoid, jaundice, diarrhea, amoebic.

(5). Raw food such as fruits, coriander, mint leaves, etc. anywhere in the home and outside are only eatable after washing 2-3 times with clean water. If they have not been washed 2-3 times with clean water, then they are not consumed. Should be done. Coriander, mint leaf Once you clean the house by filling it with water in the utensil, you will find that heavy dirt comes out after washing it. This dirt makes us suffer from the above diseases.

(6). If there is no system of protection from flies in the market, home, sweets in the party, fruits, sugarcane juice etc. then it is better not to eat such a place.

(7). Mosquito bites are malaria (cold fever), Chikungunya, Phaleria (Hathipaon), dengue fever, the only way to prevent these diseases is to prevent mosquito bite. These diseases do not occur due to contagion, cold air or soaking in water. Control of mosquitoes is not easy in the rainy season, however, you should dry the water stored in your cooler completely and do not leave the water stored anywhere in the house open at all, apart from covering the surrounding drains completely with chips or make them underground. If you sleep with mosquito nets or mustard / coconut oil mixed with neem oil, especially inside the house and at night, then mosquito bites can be avoided.

From August to October, the diseases caused by mosquito bites are dominated, in which the patient is sometimes given the treatment of malaria worldwide and in the end it is known that it was malaria, because malaria sometimes checks. I do not get caught. It is better to check malaria when fever comes.Nowadays mosquito bites cause many types of viral fever, which are also investigated separately. By the way, falciparum is spreading malaria and dengue more and more which is also fatal, so it should be better if mosquitoes are not bitten under any circumstances at any time, then it is possible to prevent them. Children should also be kept full of full arms.

(8). Water, fruit juice are more safe than at home. Hotel, jamming water, fruits and juices can sometimes prove to be extremely unsafe, do not rush into drinking water. Before drinking water, see whether it is clean or not. Dirty water is a storehouse of diseases.

(9). Now a days there has been an unlimited increase in accidents due to increasing vehicles on the road. Keep adequate caution and awareness while walking on the road or driving a vehicle, otherwise the risk of getting killed or crippled by a vehicle accident remains every moment.

(10). From crowded places, due to lack of pure air, due to poor physical ability, nowadays TB, swine flu, disease is spreading, keep catering right to avoid it. Increase the amount of fruits and salad in the food than ghee - oil. Nearby or household servants make TB On appearing symptoms (if cough, weakness, fever - persisting for three consecutive weeks) cooperate fully in the treatment. 

Now a days TB The entire treatment of D.TS is available free of cost under the government scheme, since T.B.It is a contagious disease, so if you help to overcome the disease of a nearby patient, then you stop becoming ten new patients. Similarly, nowadays, swine flu fever (contagious disease) is also spreading with such symptoms as cold, cough and shortness of breath. To avoid this fever, it is best to avoid going to crowded places.

(11). Keep the fried foods, butter, cream, sweets, sugar, salt in small quantities in the house-food. All these colostals increase blood pressure obesity which causes heart attack and paralysis. Huh eat skimmed milk and fruits such as apple, cucumber in the diet, and do half an hour and a half an hour according to your physical ability. To avoid stress, make a nature to remain satisfied, be happy to see the progress of others so that you remain mentally healthy.

(12). Do not consume tobacco containing gutka, alcohol or any other intoxicating substance. When the liver is spoiled by these substances, the brain stops working, and in India, cancer and impotence patients are growing rapidly due to tobacco and intoxication. Therefore, it is better to keep the family away from such intoxication. Do you have more expenses for medicine. After the above precautions, you and your family can get out of the pangs of getting sick again and again and you can take care of your family.

Note:-Do not take any medicine without medical advice.

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