Thyroid hormone medicine

Thyroid hormone medicine

Thyroid hormone medicine

If your specialist doctor has prescribed thyroxine for thyroid hormone treatment, then follow the rules as given below :-

Eat medicine as soon as you wake up after sleeping :

Thyroid hormone medicine take the medicine half an hour before breakfast. It is better to take the medicine with water first thing in the morning.

Testing and drug prescribing :

The amount (power) of the drug is determined by the 'T4' and 'TSH' tests, which the expert doctors prescribe according to the patient's hormones test. There is no rule for this, sometimes tests have to be done quickly and sometimes with very frequent intervals, for example 3 to 6 months, but in pregnancy, sometimes one to two months may have to be tested.

The amount of medicine :

Taking less medicine does not give full benefit and bones can be weakened by taking more medicine than required for a long time, so the right dose is necessary.

Medication duration :

Thyroxine hormones are often taken for life. The drug does not have any side effects if the medicine is prescribed by checking it in the right amount from time to time. Do not discontinue or reduce the power of your heart without medical advice, because it is an important hormone that is being replenished from outside due to deficiency in your body.

Note:-Do not take any medicine without medical advice.

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