TB Of Eyes To Know

TB Of Eyes To Know
        TB Of Eyes To Know

TB of eyes to know, lung and bone TB (Tuberculosis or tuberculosis), most people know about it, but in the eyes also TB It is possible that only very few people are aware of this disease, the disease is mainly on the children who are malnourished or in the family or neighborhood of someone who has TB in their lungs. 

There is a disease of The coughing of such patients enters the lungs of children by inhaling germs of the disease floating in the atmosphere and they eventually settle in the eyes.

Symptoms :

The afflicted child gets fever in the evening, does not feel hungry, weight is reduced, weakness comes and irritability in nature comes. The eyes turn red, the eyes get watery and the bright light of the sun etc. is not tolerated. A shiny granule (flictane) emerges near the periphery of the cornea (pupil). 

Over a period of time, pain in the pupil becomes due to swelling in the pupil, due to which the eyesight comes. Due to long-term disease, blood comes to the inside of the eye (eels disease) and suddenly causes blindness.

Diagnosis :

Various symptoms of the eyes, chest x-rays, montu test and blood test (ELISA test) can be diagnosed. Ultrasonography reveals frozen blood inside the eye.

TB in eyes treatment :

TB After the diagnosis of the disease, the patient should have. TB for nine months to two years according to the advice of his doctor. Preventive treatment is necessary. Steroid drops are very beneficial for eye disease. Although the TB of the eye with appropriate medicines Symptoms disappear within a week and the shiny granule also disappears, but if physical, TB If ignored relapse of the eye disease occurs.

If the blood clot inside the eye is not cured with medicines, then it has to be operated. It is very important that proper and complete treatment of the disease is done otherwise the root of the disease becomes strong. 

In addition to medicines, cleanliness of the child's body and diet containing protein, vitamin and mineral should also be taken care of. TB of eyes to know. TB of the child's entire family It should be checked and the identified persons should be treated properly and appropriately so that the spread of the disease can be curbed.

Note:- Do not take any medicine without medical advice.

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