Care for good health

Care for good health
Care for good health

Why you should take care of your health -

When we fall ill, the family and people are affected. Care for good health to take care of the sick, other people of the house also cannot go to the field barn, children are not able to go to school. That means further decrease in income.

Let us take information to take care of our health and take the path of rescue. Our health can remain good only when the people of our neighborhood, our people and villagers are also as healthy as we want to be, because health is related to the cleanliness and environment around us. Health care is not just the problem of one family, it is the need of the whole community. Therefore, prevention of disease is good.

Importance of taking care of yourself -

What to eat for good health :

Good, clean and healthy food is most important for good health. Good food does not mean much food. Good food means all the food items that have all the qualities of good health for our strength.

Strong food :

Grain                                                   : Wheat, Rice, Corn
Lentils                                                 : Mung bean, Lentil,
Green Vegetable and Greens
Fruit                                                     : Guava, Mango, Papaya, Banana
Milk                                                      : Curd, Buttermilk
Egg, Rooster, Meat, Fish
Oil, butter
Molasses, Sugar, Honey

There should be a little part of all the above mentioned things in our food. Good health cannot be obtained by eating only rice, bread and vegetables. 

Food for pregnant and lactating women :

When the baby is growing in the mother's womb, they need more and more powerful food. In addition to the mother, the child in the stomach also lives on the mother's food. If the mother does not take strong food during pregnancy.

  • The child is weak, underweight and small
  • He can also die at birth

At this time, bread, rice, lentils, soybeans, fruits, milk, meat and fish should be given in proper quantity to the mother so that both mother and child are healthy. Get more milk so that the baby does not become weak.

Health food for young children :

For children from birth to four months :-

  1. Immediately after the birth of the child, the mother should give her first lactation. It keeps children away from diseases.
  2. The baby should never be fed with canned milk. This milk is deadly.
  3. For four months, the mother should feed her own milk to the baby. He does not need any other food or water.
  4. If the mother does not get full milk then the mother should drink more water. Leafy greens, papaya, garlic, milk, meat, poultry, fish should be eaten.
  5. Even if there is no milk at all, let the baby suck her breast. Milk will come out at some time. Meanwhile, feed the baby by mixing cow, goat or buffalo milk with water and some sugar. Boil the milk and let it cool only.

Food for children from four months to one year :

  1. When the child is four months old, it is necessary to give the mother other types of food along with her milk. Cook children's food well.
  2. For four to six months - water cooking lentils and leafy vegetables, mashed lentils, bread, vegetable mashed banana and papaya, oatmeal cooked in milk.
  3. Six months to a year - mashed rice, bread, green vegetables with lentils mashed fruits yellow fruits and vegetables.
  4. Carrots (boiled and mashed)
  5. Papaya (mashed)

What will happen if we do not take healthy food :

In children                                                                 In any person 

Weight will not increase                                           Weakness and fatigue
Driving, speaking and thinking                                No appetite 
Sadness and weakness                                             Anemic
Bloated stomach                                                       Tongue wounds
Thin legs and hands                                                  Swollen feet And numb
Long illnesses
Hair fall
Dry eyes,
Swelling of feet, face, hands
Bleeding gums

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