Importance of vegetables and fruits in our food

Importance of vegetables and fruits in our food

Importance of vegetables and fruits in our food

Importance of fruits and vegetables

Introduction :

Importance of vegetables and fruits in our food diet is the pillar of the human race, the human digesting the food he produces, the body produces these supplements by which the deficiency of essential elements in the body is increased and the body grows. Such foods are called Bhaven diet. The essential parts of the diet are protein, fat, sugar, mineral salts, vitamins and water. The diet nourishes the body in three ways.

Muscle food :

1. Body-saving foods - which are high in protein such as milk, meat, fish, eggs, pulses, oilseeds and poor foods. The diets provide protein for the formation of the body's muscles and for their maintenance and repair.

2. Diet, which is rich in fat or lubricants and sugar, is used to fuel the body, that is, the juice in the body provides strength for many functions, grains, condiments, dried fruits are also covered under it. Protein mineral salts and some vitamins are also found in food.

3. Importance of vegetables and fruits in our food, diets which are rich in protein, vitamins and mineral salts can be divided into two parts. The first diet which has an excess of vitamins, mineral salts and high biological value such as protein in milk, eggs, meat, fish and the second diet which has an abundance of some vitamins and mineral salts such as vegetables and fruits. 

Provides vitamins and mineral salts for smooth running of the above description. It is clear that fresh, greens, condiments and fruit nuts etc. are the main part of the diet to protect physical health and provide energy.

Green leafy vegetables :

1. Important food of this category is potato, sweet potato, carrot, frozen tuber. It contains sugar, it's found in abundance. Vitamin 'C' is additionally found in some vegetables. In carrots and yellow sweet potatoes, no 'kerosene' is found in abundance. 

Potatoes contain some protein but in small quantities protein is found in sweet potato, despite all the above three foods are utilized in maven rather than grains. With their high yields, power-boosting food are often obtained at cheap prices. the number of Bhaven root vegetable should be a minimum of 100 grams per day.

2. Carotene, which produces vitamin "A", is found abundantly in green leafy vegetables which keeps our eyes healthy, along with calcium, riboflavin, folic acid and vitamin 'C'. It is necessary to consume 50 to 100 grams in a daily dose according to age.

Nutritional benefits of fruit and vegetables

Other vegetables :

1. Fruits - Generally, plenty of vitamins are found in fruits. Mango and papaya are abundant in "carotene". Amla and guava are the foremost sources of vitamin 'C'. apart from this, vitamin C is additionally found in plum, lemon and class fruits, tomatoes, papaya and pineapple. Vitamin A and Vitamin C keep the eyes and gums healthy.

Proteins and fats in fruits aren't only known, but they're the foremost source of minerals and salts. For a diet, it is necessary to possess 90 grams per day in food.

2. Importance of vegetables and fruits in our food, apart from green greens and root vegetable, this category includes other vegetables, such as bitter gourd, gourd, lady finger etc. Some quantity of these should be 59 grams per day.

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