Joint pain is not arthritis

Joint pain is not arthritis
Joint pain is not arthritis

Joint pain all over -

Gout is a major cause of joint pain. If the pain is due to arthritis, then it is not cured with common painkillers and repeatedly, constantly bothers the patient, joint pain is not arthritis so it is important to know what is arthritis, what are its symptoms, prevention and treatment.

Arthritis is a metabolic disease in which blood. The amount of uric acid increases, sodium mono-urate crystals accumulate in the joints and under the skin. The disease is caused by disturbances in the metabolism of physiological proteins or proteins present in food.

Symptoms of arthritis :

Arthritis is mainly reflected in men in middle age (middle age) or thereafter. It can also occur in women in old age or after menstruation stops. Joint pain is not arthritis this disease is often due to excess of protein in food, injury, fever, infection, large operation, alcohol consumption, excessive intake of tobacco, heart attack, paralytic attack and kidney stones etc. Can also be consumed.

Rheumatoid arthritis -

The initial symptom of arthritis is pain in one joint. Later this pain can occur simultaneously in many joints. Pain of the first tarso metatarsal joint is the main symptom of this disease but slowly in all the joints of the foot, ankle joint, knee joint, hands, elbows, shoulders, hip and spine joints. Rheumatic pain also starts. In old age, this disease causes symptoms like curvature of the hand fingers and swelling of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Acute Gout is often referred to as sudden pain, swelling, fever, as well as red and hot joints and difficulty in moving at night. Mild - Mild joint pain and joint pain, difficulty walking and swelling, pain in both ankles are symptoms of Chronic Gout. Apart from this, there can be bunches (Tophi) in the ear and under the skin, elbow and hand too.

The diagnosis of the disease is the amount of serum uric acid in the blood, the needle of sodium mono urate crystals in the joints, and 800 mg in 24 hours of urine. G Excess of uric acid is done by examining the joints by X-ray, the joints appear normal and this disease is associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis and Infections of the joints (Septic & Tubercular Arthritis). Different treatment has to be done.

Joint pain is not arthritis
Joint pain is not arthritis

Sudden joint pain causes -

Prevent arthritis :

Joint pain is not arthritis. Since arthritis is caused due to excess of protein in the food or due to disease due to excessive use of protein in the body due to increase in the amount of uric acid in the blood, some precautions should be taken repeatedly during the lifetime. Pain can be avoided.

  • Do not be hungry or do not fast for a long time. (Aviod Starvation).
  • Do not let the body lack water. 2 daily Drink 5 to 3 liters of water. (Aviod Dehydration).
  • Avoid high intake of protein-rich foods such as mutton, cheese, chickpeas, lentils and peanuts.
  • Discard any type of alcohol.
  • Do not take tea, coffee, dark colored drinks.
  • Do not consume tobacco,cigarette, bidi in any form.

Treatment for inflammatory osteoarthritis -

The treatment :

Although the first pain of rheumatism is gradually cured in 3 - 10 days without treatment, it reappears more seriously without any further injury or fever and permanent damage to the joints if untreated, Can cause kidney stones and complete inactivity, so treatment is necessary.

The joint pain is reduced by the help of ice and relaxation. The patient is advised to lose weight. Medications should be used with the advice of a qualified physician. The disease is controlled with the proper use of NSAIDS, Analgesics, Glucocorticoids, Uricosuric Drugs and Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitor drugs. Infections, high blood pressure, kidney disease etc. are also required to be treated simultaneously.

One or two joint pain can be cured by Intra articular Steroid Injection, joint pain is not arthritis, but the patient should take special care that the disease is curable. Prevention measures can reduce drug use. It is dangerous to have pain more than once or twice a year without treatment.

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