Mouth and throat cancer

Mouth and throat cancer
Mouth and throat cancer

Early signs of mouth cancer

Mouth and throat cancer, opening of the mouth less than an inch, difficulty swallowing, sores or swelling inside the mouth, knots may form.

Oral cancer refers to tumors in the mouth and pharynx (the upper part of the throat behind the mouth). Oral cancer usually occurs in the lower part of the throat, cheeks and tongue. In other places, it can occur in the larynx, the gums and the upper hard part of the mouth, in the palate and the soft part of the cheek. If you have the following symptoms, contact a specialist doctor immediately.

Mouth cancer symptoms

Mouth and throat cancer, the most prominent symptom of oral cancer is the absence of a wound or swelling in the mouth and throat in a few weeks. Often they are painless but can cause pain in some. If the knot or wound is on the tongue, there may be stuttering in speech. 

There may be difficulty in chewing or swallowing food when there are other parts of the mouth. Changes in the color of the mouth. Especially red, brown or black spots or swelling and white spots in the mouth or just white rough stains.

Continuous bleeding from the mouth or a wound that does not heal in ten days, pricking tongue, burning sensation or zero consciousness or pain anywhere in the mouth. Trouble swallowing or speaking. Swollen lymph glands in the neck. Actually, this is the first place where cancer spreads. Any other infection can also cause swollen lymph nodes.

Causes Of Oral Cancer

Mouth and throat cancer is more common in men and older people. This cancer is found most among those who drink tobacco and cigarettes, alcohol . The bad chemicals found in tobacco and paan-spices burn the soft tissues of the mouth, which later turn into cancer of the mouth and throat.

It starts with a white spot that you can't even feel. Gradually, these spots fall into place. An inch is also a difficulty in opening the mouth. Even two fingers in the mouth have no place to go. Mouth cancer is also caused by tearing, cracked gums, fake teeth and using the bridge used to apply them incorrectly. 

By not taking proper care of teeth and gums, there is an increased risk of wound from the teeth and wire in the mouth. Drinking pipe helps in getting cancer of lips and tongue. Because its hot steam pressure is higher on these parts.


You can avoid these cancers by making a change in the living of your life. Mouth and throat cancer, the most important defense is to stop the consumption of tobacco and alcohol in any form. The second protection is oral cleansing, preventing repeated wounds in the mouth with wires or teeth, frequent mouth-throat check-ups, proper teeth care and nutritious food that is vitamin-rich.

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