Symptoms of thyroid irregularity

Symptoms of thyroid irregularity
Symptoms of thyroid irregularity

Thyroid symptoms and cure

Nowadays, there is an irregularity of thyroid hormones in India, symptoms of thyroid irregularity these hormones originate from the gland of our throat. When the amount of their release is more or less than the prescribed quantity. Then this disease damages the body.

Thyroid hormones are helpful in our physical and mental development from birth to the end (from the first day of 9 months before birth). If the mother lacks or excesses of these hormones at the time of pregnancy, then any deficiency such as lack of children, miscarriage or dwarfism at birth in the baby, brain weakness can be seen.

Symptoms of thyroid, in India, the government has made iodized salt mandatory to prevent thyroid diseases, yet thyroid diseases are not decreasing as much but women are eight times more than men and even in areas where citizens are not deficient in iodine This disease is happening. It can occur at any age.

The deficiency of thyroid hormones is called hypothyroidism, in which T3 and T4 are less and TSH is more its symptoms can be as follows :-

Hypothyroidism symptoms checklist :

    • Skin radiance, stenosis and skin disease
    • Lack of desire to work, lethargy, sluggishness, lack of mind at work
    • Feeling cold
    • Heavy voice
    • Body swelling, bloated face, weight gain
    • Hair loss and loss of shine
    • Symptoms like mental weakness, loss of concentration, depression
    • Muscle weakness, bloating muscles, fatigue
    • Excessive menstrual bleeding
    • Stopping the length and physical, mental development in children
    • Eyes swollen small or big
    • Garter or lump in the throat
    • E.C.G. Changes in, increased cholesterol, low heart rate, blood pressure
    • Impotence
    • Flatulence, constipation
    • Breathlessness

    Similarly, excess of thyroid hormones in which T3 and T4 are high and TSH is reduced is called Hyperthyroidism, its symptoms may be :-

    Hyperthyroidism symptoms :

    • Skin smoothness, sweating and skin diseases
    • More activity in working
    • Excess heat
    • Voice thinning, face thinning
    • Lose weight, lean body
    • Hair loss
    • Vibration psychiatry in the hands
    • Thin and weak muscles
    • Low menstrual bleeding
    • Hyper activity in children
    • Big eyes
    • Garter or lump in the throat
    • E.C.G. Changes in, low cholesterol, blood pressure
    • Diarrhea
    • Breathlessness

    The above symptoms are similar to other diseases, so doctors prescribe the medicine only after pathology examination because the medicine may have to be eaten for a long time or even for a lifetime. 

    This disease is also caused by cancer, infection, iodine deficiency etc. and its side effects range from foot nails to head hair. A person may also go into coma if not treated.

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