Traditional and natural bypass, what is the difference between

Traditional and natural bypass, what is the difference between
Traditional and natural bypass, what is the difference between

Traditional and natural bypass, what is the difference between in the bypass surgery that has been performed so far, the blood flow is restored through another vein, bypassing the choked arteries. A new genre has just been born which is called Natural Bypass

Let's understand what is the difference between these two types of bypass between traditional and natural bypass

People with changing lifestyles often fail to pay attention to their health. As a result, over the past decade, a wide variety of diseases have increased among the middle-aged population. Diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity are some diseases that increase the risk of heart diseases.

In the last decade, not only has the number of these diseases doubled, but they are also taking the youth into their grip. The number of people who die of heart disease is the highest in the list of those who die with 1.7 crore every year. About 32 million Indians suffer from some form of heart disease while only 1.5 lakh of them undergo bypass surgery every year.

Cost of natural bypass treatment -

According to the CDC, in 2013 the average cost of a hospital (only) associated with a coronary bypass operation in the United States was $ 38,707 for a total hospital cost of $ 6.4 billion. The International Federation of Health Service Plans estimates the average cost of hospitalization and physicians for coronary bypass operations in various countries.

Common bypass surgery costs about two and a half to three lakh rupees and the same amount of money is also spent in surgery done with Nambiar technics. With this, the patient can start his normal routine in 10 days, then after traditional bypass surgery it takes at least three weeks and the risk of infection is also high.

How to avoid bypass surgery naturally -

Traditional and natural bypass :

Today, more and more people are coming under the grip of heart disease, due to which stress is not the only reason. There are many reasons for this, such as pollution, smoking, poor diet, wrong sleeping habits etc. These habits of the people of India increase the risk of heart disease in them. Actually, the risk of heart disease in Indians is higher than in other countries. Abdominal and back obesity is also seen as a common problem among them. This obesity leads them closer to coronary artery disease or heart attack.

Natural bypass biochemical angioplasty -

Attempts Fail Many Times :

People often opt for bypass surgery and angioplasty for the treatment of heart disease, but many times they have been found to fail in treatment. Traditional and natural bypass many experts believe that a person may develop the disease again after treatment with bypass, so this is not the right option for many patients. Bypasses again blockage occurs in the arteries, where the fat is collected again, blocking the blood flow again.

Natural bypass surgery in india -

Natural Bypass :

On the other hand, non-invasive treatment such as external counter pulsation (ECP) is an option that is a better and safer treatment for such patients. ECP, also known as natural bypass technique, is a process that enables the body to grow new blood vessels, just like bypass or stem cell therapy. With this help, patients can walk quickly and late. The life of the patients gets better, with the help of the Jabki test, heart health is known. 

In traditional CABG (coronary artery bypass grafting), the breastbone is separated by a 10-inch long incision. In comparison, natural bypass technique is completely non-invasive, in which the patient has minimal pain and there are no scars on the body. In this, the patient is not at any risk of any kind of infection and does not have to stay in the hospital for long. Its benefits range from 3 years to 9 years.

Nature Takes Care Of Itself :

Nature has given us thousands of artefacts for heart health. Of these, three main coronary arteries produce arteries in the first 10 branches. After this, 100 arteries are produced out of these 10 arteries, which later turn into thousands of arteries. These small branches are also called capillaries. They are all interlinked, who successfully give and take blood to each other.

If any artery from the major or minor artery is choke, the work of supplying blood to the heart is carried out with these supporting artery. If somehow these thin and capillary shaped arteries increase in size; If given, the heart that is craving for blood will start getting blood easily. This is called natural bypass. These artefacts are always present in the body of athletes and sports persons. Once these artery develops, the athlete does not have angina pain even if he has a heart attack.

Traditional and natural bypass, what is the difference between

Natural bypass by exercise -

How To Generate Natural Bypass :

Obviously, it is not advisable for a running patient to run like an athlete. The same cannot be said for hard-working exercises. If the slightest exacerbation increases, then the angina pain may begin. Scientists have developed a machine to develop channels parallel to the choke arteries. This machine can accelerate blood flow to the coronary channel.

After one hour machine treatment, parallel artery or capillary system starts to open. In this way, the blood supply to the heart muscle starts to increase. With the completion of at least 40 such sessions, the second natural channel starts to develop fully. Traditional and natural bypass this allows surgical bypass to be easily replaced. It does not require hospitalization.

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