Treatment Of Dandruff

Treatment Of Dandruff
Treatment Of Dandruff

What Is Dandruff :

Dead cells from the skin of the scalp fall faster than normal, which can also cause itching.

Soap causes dandruff -

Due To Dandruff :

Treatment of dandruff, the major cause of dandruff is a yeast fungus called P. ovale. This is a cell organism in everyone's skin, it usually causes no discomfort but it grows fast in oily skin because its food is oil. These oils can be both artificial and natural. Apart from this, there are the following reasons.

  • Do not keep the hair clean, harsh shampoo, do not use the wrong conditioner, wash the shampoo correctly with the hair skin
  • Tension
  • Unbalanced diet
  • Hormone changes
  • Hair dye

Why dandruff keeps coming back -

Control Of Dandruff :

  1. The most direct way to control dandruff is to use a shampoo that contains a cytostatic agent, such as zinc pyrethien, that reduces the growth and rapid growth of the cells of the uppermost layer of the scalp, thus reducing the amount of dandruff seen within a few weeks. Decreases in.
  2. For dandruff control, a diet that is low in fat, high in vitamins and minerals from natural sources is recommended.

The Right Way To Wash Hair :-

View Water Temperature :

The temperature of the water used for washing hair should not exceed the body temperature. Hot water opens up the layers of hair, causing them to tangle and become weak and lifeless. In addition, natural oils are not washed with normal water, which does not cause dryness in the head.

Treatment Of Dandruff
Treatment Of Dandruff

Wash Hair With Shampoo :

Dandruff shampoo - 
  1. Massage the skin of the hair gently with fingers and wash it with shampoo because there is oil stored there.
  2. Allow the hair to hang down while applying shampoo, do not store them on top of the head, keeping it up will complicate them even further.
  3. After applying the shampoo, comb the hair under the shower with a wide-combed tooth, this removes the tangled hair and removes the entire shampoo.
  4. Even if you are sure about getting shampoo out of the hair, stay under running water for one minute, then wrap your hair in a soft and well-soaked towel.

Treatment of dandruff, you can get rid of dandruff by doing regular hygiene in the above manner, yet if the dandruff is not overcome, consult your dermatologist.

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