Breathing Related Diseases Due To Pollution

Breathing Related Diseases Due To Pollution 
Diseases Due To Pollution

Breathing related diseases due to pollution, pollution is one of the biggest global problems today. Apart from air, water, land, noise pollution is also spreading rapidly among people. To avoid this, it is necessary that we all play a role in preventing the spread of pollution, as well as take all necessary precautions.

Breathing problem due to pollution

Environmental pollution is a concern around the world today. Due to the rapidly spreading pollution, the conditions of various components of the environment like land, water, air are at the alarming stage. We have to bear the brunt of this environmental pollution. Diseases due to pollution, not only respiratory diseases like bronchitis, asthma, people are coming in the grip of many diseases like cancer, heart disease, deafness, tension, depression. It is important to make every effort to avoid them.

Water Pollution :

Water is polluted due to various reasons, the basis of life and the important resources of the environment. Every year around 4 million people die in developing countries from drinking contaminated water. Not only this, aquatic creatures also fall prey to it.

Dangers of water pollution

Preventive Measures :

  • Neither throw any kind of garbage in the river nor let anyone throw it.
  • Do not throw flowers-garlands and other things used in worship in the river.
  • Do not put any kind of chemicals, pesticides, oil in the bathroom or kitchen drain or sink in the house.
  • Avoid water wastage in the house as far as possible.
  • Recycle technology can use water again.

Breathing Related Diseases Due To Pollution
Diseases Due To Pollution

Air Pollution :

These pollutants reach our body through breath and make free radicals, which are harmful to our health. Diseases due to pollution, this can cause problems in breathing, sore throat or burning, headache, burning or itching in the eyes, vomiting, stomach pain. Which can further lead to serious diseases.

Prevention of diseases caused by air pollution

Preventive Measures :

  • Encourage car-pooling, trains, bus or train use instead of private vehicles.
  • Use CNG, electric or solar vehicles instead of petrol.
  • Cycling or running is a better option for you environment and health.
  • Keep the surrounding environment clean. Do not set fire to the garbage collected on the road.
  • Do not burn stubble and fireworks.
  • Use masks while going out to avoid air pollution.
  • Avoid using chemical sprays to clean the house and prevent insects.
  • Plant air purifying plants like Basil, Money plant, Snake plant, Aloe vera, Arica palm, Pine plant, Peace lily. These plants help to clean the air by filtering it and increase the proportion of pure air in the house.
  • Eat a balance diet rich in nutrients. A diet rich in protein, vitamin C and antioxidants should be taken to prevent damage to the lungs due to pollutants.
  • To avoid irritation in the eyes, add few drops of rose water in the morning and evening. Close your eyes and keep pieces of cucumbers or potatoes. Sprinkle cold water in the eyes as much as possible during the day.

Noise Pollution
                                                           Diseases Due To Pollution

Noise Pollution :

Traffic outside the house or the sounds of the factory machine are the main cause of noise pollution. Noise in electronic gadgets, TV party or wedding music system playing inside the house adds noise pollution. It affects our hearing. This is likely to cause hearing loss. This also increases stress and irritability.

Preventive Measures :

  • Keep the sound of gadgets slow, do not sound the horns of vehicles unnecessarily.
  • Do not play loud music in marriage or parties.
  • Do not fire loud sounding crackers.
  • Use ear plugs to avoid hearing loss.
  • Talk with a mobile phone headphone. This makes the sound wave less effective on the ears.
  • People working for long hours at factories, construction sites, and those exposed to the noise of machines running continuously, use ear plugs or cotton to avoid noise pollution.

Land Pollution :

Diseases due to pollution, chemicals present in crops used in chemical fertilizers and pesticides not only cause pollution of the land, but there is also a possibility of cancer due to the consumption of the food produced in them. E-waste and garbage dumped on the ground also increase land pollution.

Preventive Measures :

  1. Organic, inorganic and e-waste are sorted rather than collected and dumped at a different location.
  2. Recycle the remaining food and make manure. Make biodegrading organic manure dug in the soil near the house, peel off  fruit-vegetables, waste portions of non-vegetarian substances, even tea leaves. Apply it to plants outside the house.
  3. The best way to deal with inorganic materials that are recycled and e-waste is to have them recycled plant so that they can be reused.
  4. As far as possible, do not use pesticides, cleaning products or chemicals that harm the environment.
  5. To increase fertility of the soil, plant more and more trees around you.

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