Heel And Knee Pain

Heel And Knee Pain
Heel And Knee Pain

Heel and knee pain running

Nowadays, due to heel and knee pain, lameness is being seen in the movement of middle-aged women - men even before old age. For all these, the doctor explains the reasons like calcium, lack of vitamin D, lack of exercise. Some measures are suggested by the doctor to avoid the pain of these diseases.

Severe heel pain can't walk

Heel Pain

The doctor explains the cause of this pain. Physicians who give remedies to relieve pain, some people benefit from these medicines without medication, such as - even in the house, they refuse to walk barefoot on hard ground and give special advice to wear soft soles. Shoes are recommended for good company in which 'arch' is made and whose sole is such that the hardness of the ground, the shock, should be included.

Knee and foot pain

Knee Pain

The doctor explains the cause of this pain as a bone problem. In this disease, the joints of the knee bones start to bulge and they rub on each other, then severe pain arises due to which the move causes lameness. 

To relieve this pain, the doctor recommends the exercise of the knee muscles and wearing shoes as mentioned above, and the knee workout doctor suggests that the knee bowl be pulled upward with the help of muscles and hold it for 10 seconds. If this happens 25 times a day, some patients feel relaxed in this pain within 5 to 10 days.

Knee Pain
Heel and knee pain

Some doctors ask to do this exercise in lying down. In this, lying down directly below the knee, pressing a small bundle from the bottom of the knee 25 times, is also beneficial. In the same swing-size swing, it is also possible to move the swing with the body and legs without touching the feet from the ground. 

Earlier there used to be swings in houses, then this lameness was rarely seen. Heel and knee pain, now the lack of sunshine, exercise and nutritious food is increasing the disease. Apart from the above, adequate amounts of vitamins, mineral proteins, etc. are also necessary in the diet. Which will meet spinach, beans, guava, walnuts, incense etc.

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