Yellow color of nails is not a symptom of major illness

Yellow color of nails is not a symptom of major illness
Yellow color of nails is not a symptom of major illness

Yellowing of the nails indicates a number of health problems. Yellow color of nails is not a symptom of major illness such as fungal infections and in some cases thyroid, skin problems like cirrhosis. Apart from this, yellowing of the nails can also be a symptom of jaundice.

The reason for yellow nails in every person is the same, it is not necessary. Many times, the use of light quality nail polish also turns the nails yellow. Therefore, it is important to know the exact cause of this problem. Yellow nails also indicate that oxygen is not flowing properly in your body. In such a situation, to understand the problem of yellow nails, it is necessary to know about its causes.

Due to yellow nails

Some people buy light quality nail polish in order to save money, which spoil the color of their nails. While applying nail polish daily, the nails do not feel open air, causing the nails to turn yellow and lifeless. 

Apart from this, by applying thick colored nail polish, the nails also become yellow. So give some relief to your nails and do not apply nail polish all the time. If you are going to a party or there is a function at home, only then you use thick colored nail polish.

Keep clean

Throughout the day we do a variety of tasks during which our nails get dirty. The dirt inside the nails also gets filled and if this dirt is not cleaned, then gradually the nails start turning yellow. This is the reason why cleanliness of the nails along with the body is necessary, hence dust - work in the soil, chopping vegetables, kneading the dough, removing body scum, cleaning the nails after cleaning the house etc., clean the nails properly.


Sometimes due to lack of iron and calcium in the body, nails start getting infected. In this case, the color of the nail becomes completely yellow. In this, the thickness of the nail gradually becomes thinner. And the skin of the nail rot inside itself. This condition is called cirrhosis problem, which is not treated. 

The nail becomes completely hollow when applied. Cirrhosis is a skin problem. Sometimes the causes of this infection are different, such as swimming, feet or hands being wet for maximum time, always wearing shoes etc. With proper precautions, this infection can be cured only by proper treatment.

Kidney disease

Yellowing of the nails indicates kidney disease. If the kidney stones or the functioning of the kidney become disturbed, then the nails become yellow.


Yellowing of the nails can be a major symptom of jaundice. Apart from this, the eyes, skin, urine color of the patient of jaundice turns yellow. This is a serious disease that needs timely treatment.


Even in thyroid disease, the color of the nails becomes yellow. Since metabolism affects our body temperature, calorie consumption, heart beats, etc., it is extremely important to function properly, which is not possible with thyroid problems. This is the reason why the nails of a thyroid patient turn yellow. Unfortunately, there are no specific symptoms of this disease, so only by investigation can the disease be identified.


Although smoking causes many diseases, its most common problems are red-yellow eyes and yellow nails. Yellow color of nails is not a symptom of major illness. Actually, smoking more not only makes the skin lifeless, but the nails also become yellow. In such a situation, it becomes extremely difficult to fix the nails, because the skin and nails begin to heal only after a long time after quitting smoking.

Get rid of yellow nails

  • Take full care of the cleanliness of the nails.
  • Do not keep hands and feet in water for too long.
  • Stop smoking.
  • Immediately after exposure to swimming or water, wipe hands and feet thoroughly and then massage with coconut oil or almond oil.
  • Apply coconut oil or castor oil on the nails before sleeping at night. This will make the nails look beautiful, healthy and pink.
  • Do not allow calcium and iron deficiency in the body. For this, eat green vegetables and fruits. You can also take supplements. Every day must sit for at least half an hour in the morning sun.
  • Only use a good brand nail polish if needed.
  • Drink a glass of milk every day.
  • Contact a doctor as soon as possible in case of infection.
  • If yellow nails are not getting rid of, then it is a symptom of some major disease. Therefore it is necessary to contact the doctor.
  • Take medicines according to the advice of the doctor.

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