Rainy season diseases | be aware - stay safe

Rainy season problems and precautions

During the rainy season the chances of getting many types of disease increases. Rainy season diseases be aware - stay safe. Along with taking some precautions to avoid these, home remedies can also be effective.

The more pleasant the rainy season, the greater the chances of diseases in it. In this season innumerable small - large, flying, creeping, etc. - many kinds of insects - spiders are produced. The only way to avoid all this is to remove any grass or weeds around the house immediately. 

Must apply mustard oil on the body at bedtime. If you do not want to adopt this remedy, then put a mosquito net and sleep. Always drink water boiled and cooled.

Rainy season diseases be aware - stay safe
Rainy season diseases be aware - stay safe

Refrain from

There are some things in the food, which can be harmful to health in this season. All such things should not be eaten. Eating sour, pickles, fine-grained dishes, gram lentils, gram flour and spicy foods should not be eaten.

Use them

Eatables in this season include- gourd, mint, lemon, lime water, wheat, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, berries, gooseberry, soup are beneficial.

Implement these also

  1. Do not eat fruits or salads that are cut open.
  2. Do not eat non-vegetarian food.
  3. It is beneficial for occupants of air conditioners in buildings and vehicles to wait until the body temperature is normal. 
  4. One should not get wet in rain. If drenched, immediately dry the head with dry towels and dry the water. By adopting all the above measures, many diseases occurring in the rainy season can be avoided to a great extent.

Home remedies

Rainy season diseases be aware - stay safe. Many diseases are spread in this season, such as stomach upset, cough, cold, stomach pain, etc. As soon as home remedies are taken, then trouble can be avoided.

If there is gas in the stomach, taking half spoon of Hingwashtak powder with water is beneficial.

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