Why ? Never ignore the symptoms of Alzheimer's

 Never ignore the symptoms of Alzheimer's :

It is common to have trouble remembering as you age. But it can also be caused by Alzheimer's. In such a situation, if the symptoms of Alzheimer's are seen clearly then it should not be late to seek the advice of the doctor. We are telling you about the causes, symptoms and treatment of Alzheimer's.

Why ? Never ignore the symptoms of Alzheimer's
Never ignore the symptoms of Alzheimer's

It is usually not a big problem to forget the small things sometimes due to the busyness of everyday life, but if it is becoming more than normal in your life then one needs to be aware. This may also be due to the onset of Alzheimer's.

Growing Problem :

Alzheimer's is the most common type of dementia. Although Alzheimer's is more common in the elderly, it does not just happen with increasing age. According to the WHO there are approximately 50 million dementia cases worldwide and about 10 million new cases are added each year. These figures are certainly worrying.

What is Alzheimer's ?

Now, the question arises, what is this Alzheimer's, what is the difference between Hidimensia and Alzheimer's? Regarding this, the Senior Consultant, Neurologist, explains, 'Alzheimer's is a condition in which the number of neuron cells whose job is basically to convey the message of the brain to the rest of the body decreases.

Why ? Never ignore the symptoms of Alzheimer's

As a result, its effects are seen in the behavior of the person, such as loss of memory, no time to understand or understand any thing or situation. If we talk about the difference between dementia and Alzheimer's, dementia is actually a group of neuron related mental illnesses, in which Alzheimer's can also be counted. The risk of Alzheimer's is usually more than 60 to 65 years of age. But the possibility of it happening before that cannot be ruled out.

Symptoms :

✔ The patient feels difficulty in doing daily chores.

✔ There is also difficulty in remembering names, making phone calls or playing games.

✔ The victim has direction confusion, difficulty in remembering the way.

✔ Decision making ability is reduced.

✔ Suddenly the behavior starts to change like- suddenly starts crying or angry or laughing. To doubt, to be scared or to be unnecessarily excited.

Treatment and Precautions :

"Dementia is diagnosed based on symptoms," explains senior neurology, How Alzheimer's is treated and what needs to be kept in mind, given the current infection of Kovid 19. Under which, through the checkup of anemia, thyroid, folic acid etc., it is detected that due to their deficiency, these symptoms are not seen. After this, Alzheimer's can be detected by CT scan, MRI, PET scan and the direction of treatment is decided.

The problem is also that Alzheimer's is not fully treated, its treatment process includes some prescription and food medicines, through which its severe form can be delayed but not completely cured. During the treatment, it is very important to remain regular alert towards all these medicines and care.

Stay Alert :

The family of Alzheimer's patient needs a lot of patience and understanding. In today's era, it is important to understand that Kovid-19 and Alzheimer's do not have any relation between the diseases. Both of them have problems with different parts of the body. But not going to the hospital for fear of infection during the Kovid era is a safe option.

It is necessary to follow all the rules related to Kovid but carelessness towards other diseases is not right due to fear of infection. In such a situation, keep in touch with the concerned doctor of Alzheimer's patient and do not let the rules of medicines be interrupted.

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